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Hugo Theme With Developer Focus In Mind

Lately I was redesign my own resume website. I consider it version 4 of the website, because it’s the fourth major change I did to it. This website is running for quite a few years now, and every now and then I want to change the underline technology that I use or redesign it, so I spend a weekend and do it. This time I also wanted to change the design, but not that drastically.

Releasing Software Is Hard! Is it?

One of the things I always got frustrated with is software releases and versioning. In the old days, back when I started to work at my first job as a software engineer my team leader was handle all of the project management. It means he knew on what issue you’re working at the moment, and when (in what version of the software) it should be merged and be released. To this day I think the versioning was just a random thing there - doesn’t mean anything except for all of us to be on the same page when we talked about it or reference it.

Crack The Hash

In earlier post (at Passive.. Passive Recon.. Passive Reconnaissance.. OSINT!) I mention we can use hashcat to try and crack a password we found, but it wasn’t the meaning of the post (and it’s a red line for me to do that and put his cleartext password on the web for someone who didn’t actually try to hack my service). But in this post we’ll learn how to use hashcat to crack passwords, and even do that much faster on the cloud with GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Like A Spy With Hak5 Toys

One of the things you always see in spy movies is how the main character plant a covert device to monitor the user computer (screen and keystrokes). As a kid I thought “This is very cool!”, and I always wanted be able to do this. Hak5 making it very easy to accomplish with a combination of couple of their toys tools. What we’ll do is to connect 2 devices, the screen carb to see the user screen (video stream, in real time), and a key croc to key log the user keystrokes.

Jekyll Starter Kit generator 3.x.x

First thing first, I want to send virtual thanks, gratitudes and hugs to all the people that star, download, use, and contribute the project! This is huge for me, you don’t know how much it’s affect and keep me going. Thank you!! And for those of you who has yet to hear about the Jekyll Starter Kit generator, it’s a Yeoman generator for creating Jekyll projects with PWA support and a lot more best practices stuff.

Simple Twitter - Chapter 3: Start Coding

In this chapter we’re going to open a new repository on GitHub and commit everything to it. We will learn about issues, pull requests (PR), branches, etc. And talk about the way we’re going to work with GitHub for the rest of the series. We’ll also start a new Angular application with Angular CLI, create the backend project with Node.js and the express framework, and install all the packages we’ll need for the client and backend.