My name is Nir Galon, I’m a geek who always want to learn new things. I work as a software engineer and I love what I do!

Nir Galon

To learn more about me you can visit my resume website at nir.galon.io or just follow me on twitter, github or one of the other social networks I am on. If you wish to contact me just send me an email from the “Contact” section at nir.galon.io.


This blog is in it’s fifth iteration. I started back in 2012 on blogger, the blog was in Hebrew and it was the beginning of my journey in tech, I moved on from there, now the blog is in English (sorry if you spot any typos and grammar mistakes, it’s obviously not my native language) and it’s on a lot more subjects (mainly computers, software development, hacking, and related stuff that are interested me).

I also evolve from the technical side of it, the source code of the blog is on GitHub (open sourced), I write the posts in markdown, use Hugo to build and generate the website, and host it on Firebase.


The break: I had a “small” break from writing back in 2017 until now (2020), but I’m back! I love writing, I think it’s really important to share and you can learn a lot by doing it. I just needed to find more time, and I’ll make more room for it now.

Before I finish I just want to share with you a quote that I take with me for life and especially when writing posts, and you can count on the posts to be in this spirit.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein