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Jekyll Starter Kit generator 2.1.0 is out!

Creating Jekyll progressive web apps has never been easier!  1. Jekyll Starter Kit First thing first, for those of you who has yet to hear about the Jekyll Starter Kit generator, it’s a Yeoman generator for creating Jekyll projects or really Jekyll static websites. It’ll create for you the default Jekyll website template, with all the best practices from Google Web Starter Kit, all the things you need for your website to be a PWA (progressive web app), and some more cool stuff.

Load Balancing Applications with HAProxy and Docker

A tutorial for a real world docker use case. Recently I read a lot of articles about load balancing applications with Docker, Docker Compose, and Docker Swarm for my work. We have a couple of hundreds of instances and we need to manage them and do load balancing between them. There are a lot of articles about this topic, but sadly the use case they present is quit simple and because of that they really don’t help.