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Learn Git - Part 2: getting our hands dirty

This part is a direct continuation of Learn Git - Part 1: introduction, so if you haven’t read it, go and read it first. We based on the things we learned and do there, so make sure you don’t delete the repo we created in the part 1. 1. Making a difference So, let’s say Alice is just coming in and sat down in her work station, on the computer, she’s on her local repo (a local copy of the repo of the project, in her own computer).

Learn Git - Part 1: introduction

I think everybody here at least heard about GitHub and maybe even about the file management system called git which is everywhere in the development world those days. So, as a computer science student I choose to learn it, and what batter way to learn something then to write about it. So in this series of posts I’ll document my journey to learn git (which is the base of GitHub as the only version control you can use on the platform).